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Hicks Trophy 2024 Main Draw Rules

Hicks Trophy and Hicks Plate Rules and Conditions (H= Hicks)

H1. An Inter-Club scratch singles match play Competition, played annually.
H2. A club affiliated to SWG may enter a team of five players
H3. All teams will play “Home” and “Away” matches in the 1st round.
H4. In the Hicks Trophy, “Home” and “Away” matches will be played in each round until the final.
H5. In the Hicks Plate, one round only will be played. The draw sheet will indicate which Team has “Home” advantage.
H6. All matches must be played to a conclusion, except in the second leg if an overall team result has been reached.
H7. In the Hicks Trophy, when the match score is one-all, the highest number of games won will decide the winners.
H8. For a tied match in the Hicks Trophy (5-5), the highest number of game points will decide the winner. Game points are awarded as follows: -
Win by 6/4 = 6 points to the winner
Win by 2 holes = 2 points to the winner
Win beyond 18th hole = 1 point to the winner
Match Claimed = 10 points to the claimant (see T4)
Walkover = 10 points to the winner
Illness/injury during match = score at time or 1 point, whichever is greater (see G17)
H9. If still tied, the first named players in each team must play “sudden death” from the 1st tee to obtain a result.
H10. The Finals will be played on 20th October at West Hill
H11. Play by Dates
R1 23rd June
R2 11th Aug
R3 29th Sept
Final 20th October

The contact for this competition is Duncan Karen

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